What Do Warts Look Like


What Do Warts Look Like ?  

Warts certainly look ugly and often are disgusting. Well, actually warts are of different types and therefore, depending on the type, they appear in different forms. Warts occur due to a typical form of skin infection caused by the humanpappilomavirus, also known as the HPV.

Warts are often found in kids than in grown up individuals. Warts are communicable; that is to say that they can spread because of direct physical touch. Warts have the ability to grow on any parts of the body. The warts as such do not cause much injury or harm and often goes away on their own. Sometimes, they become complicated and need to be treated by a doctor.

The most commonly found wart in individuals is the common wart, also known in medical term as verruca vulgaris. These are found on hands or feet, and look gray in color. They are hard and form the shape of a small bump. The outer cover is some what rough to touch, and one can see small bumps inside the wart.

A flat wart appears like a small pin tip. It can be yellow, pink or light brown in color. Unlike the common wart, it has a smooth surface. These warts are found mostly on the face.

There is another type if wart called as filiform wart. It is shaped like a finger, and can be found near the eyes, mouth and nose. The color of a fliform wart is like the flesh.

Another kind of wart is the plantar wart which is quite painful. These warts are formed due to the clotting of blood vessels. They look like small tiny hard spots, and are often confused with a corn. They are usually brown in color.

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What Do Warts Look Like ? )
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