When Can Genital Warts Be Transferred


When Can Genital Warts Be Transferred ?  

Genital warts grow in various genital parts of the human body. These look like flesh colored protrusion. In women, these warts can be seen in the uterus, cervix and vagina, or around the vagina and at times near the anus. In men, the warts can be seen on the upper portion of the penis, at the base of the penis, thighs or groin. Sometimes in men, these warts may also shift to duct of the penis or scrotum, and may affect a portion of anus.

If the partners engage themselves in oral sex, the warts may occur in the region of mouth.

Genital warts are caused due to a virus called HPV. The virus proliferates in a moist region. The signs of genital warts are more commonly seen in women than in men because the anatomy of a women's reproductive region is such that it is more susceptible to this kind of skin infection, primarily due to the reason that the genital parts remain moist.

Genital warts increase and further spread due to physical contact with the infected person or an object in any form. Sexual intercourse is the most common way of getting genital warts. During physical intimacy, the infected virus enters the partner’s body through skin contact. Once the virus enters, it attacks the cells of the partner’s body helping the virus to incubate. The incubation period can last from a few weeks to a year.

During the incubation period, the virus remains dormant and there may not be any signs of the warts in the genital region. One has to be, therefore, very careful. Avoiding sex with multiple partners is the first thing. Apart from this, leading a healthy lifestyle and being faithful to one partner is the key to preventing the spread. Genital wart may also spread to a newborn baby during childbirth from an infected mother.

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When Can Genital Warts Be Transferred ? )
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