Conflicts Between Medical Research And Ethics


Conflicts Between Medical Research And Ethics  

In the past hundred years medical research has seen a tremendous advancement. This advancement resulted in discovery of various vaccines and drugs for cure of diseases which were once considered as fatal like polio and small pox. This entire discovery took several years of research and trials.

The past reveals that the process involved in carrying various research and trials depended upon various unethical means. Scientists who took up these researches argued that to save the entire mankind such steps were unavoidable. The statistics however, unfolds the real picture. Many of the popular researches were carried out at the cost of the lives of few unimportant sections of people like asylum inmates and prisoners.

Keeping in mind their inability to express in public they were subjected to various unethical tests and experiments without being given prior intimation, reasoning, the procedure, indications or side effects. Most of this mayhem took place during the World War II. Physicians from Germany started exploiting the Nazi inmates for research and clinical trials. Some of the brutal experiments included shooting the prisoners to determine the blood clotting time and plunging them in Ice water to check their endurance level. To add to the distress these prisoners were never informed and they were utilized against their wish.

The subject of clinical research is quite controversial. Many support their statements that without such human trials advancement in the medical field would not have been possible and mankind would have been suffering without a proper cure or treatment. It is true but the research should be based upon some ethical guidelines. Such a thought process in past few years has resulted in the emergence of the Ethic Board, which clearly indicates that research should be conducted based on the guidelines issued by the board. The subject or has to be informed and prior consent has to be obtained. The Institutional Review Board has to guarantee that no argument should crop up between research and ethics in future.

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Conflicts Between Medical Research And Ethics )
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