Donate A Body For Medical Research


Donate A Body For Medical Research  

After your soul departs, donating the remains in the form of body for medical research would be a noble act indeed. Your precious body could help save many lives. However, there is a procedure to be followed if you are interested in donating your body for medical research.

When you are alive and decide to donate your body, then you would need to prepare a will clearly stating about your wish. You have to mention the name of the specific recipient. This could be either a medical research clinic doing research on a particular medical state or a hospital, medical school that you are already familiar with and has influenced your life in some way.

Once the intended recipient is chosen you have to contact them to find out the details about the contract agreement and consent forms. The responsibility of arranging the transport for delivering your body to the particular recipient entirely lies on you, all these arrangements needs to be tied up before and must be mentioned in the contract agreement. There are many instances where the body may be cremated by the recipient and the ashes of the body is being given to the near ones without any cost involved once the medical research is completed.

Making your near and dear ones understand about your wishes before preparing for the donation is must. There are cases where the loved ones do not wish to handover the body because of emotional reasons. Hence, it is vital that you take their confidence before making the will this would reduce the delays during the final departure.

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