Medical Journals On Multiple Personality Disorders

     According to the definition inscribed by American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder is a rare psychiatric ailment where an individual identifies himself as if he were containing two or more distinct personalities, each having its own unique pattern of perceiving and interacting with the surrounding environment.

     In this medical condition, the behavior of a person is dissociated and controlled by two or more distinct personalities.

     An individual develops a multiple personality disorder due to many different reasons. The disorder might arise due to biological stress created on the brain as a result of trauma, or due to abnormal psychiatric development during childhood, or due to lack of nurturing and compassionate assistance in response to hurtful experiences. The common symptoms of this disorder include depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, severe headaches and dissociative amnesia.

     Diagnostic criteria for identifying multiple personality disorder include presence of two distinct personalities within an individual combined with abnormal memory loss that doesn’t fall into normal limits. Diagnosis of this disorder is usually done through a structured clinical interview called Dissociative Experiences Scale or DES.

     Persons suffering from a multiple personality disorder can only be cured if they are relieved of their tension, so that all the separate identities are integrated into one single identity that is properly functional. Treating a multiple personality disorder patient is a gradual process involving a combination of psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, family therapy, expressive therapy, clinical hypnosis and behavioral therapy. Treatment involves use of psychological techniques that can relax the mind, methods that allow the person to express his thoughts and opinions in a creative way through music or art, developing family relationships and improving the behavior of the patient.

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Medical Journals On Multiple Personality Disorders





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