Medical Research Protocol


Medical Research Protocol  

Understanding the human physiology and discovering various methods to invent, protect and treat different diseases is the primary concern of all medical research. Medical research has become essential to assist physicians detect the diseases easily that we come across. Medical research must be conducted in a proper manner to achieve and sustain a healthy life.

Although owning to the need of highest degree of exploration, a medical research fraternity is expected to follow certain protocol. These protocols have been laid down keeping in view that a life whether of a human or an animal must not be exploited in the name of research.

Following are the protocol which any medical research institution has to adhere to:

Enlisted Professional - Medial professional who are going to be part of the research study has to be listed first. Not all medical professionals are authorized to carry out any research. A document containing the list of professionals authorized will have to be approved prior to the commencement of research.

Scheduling - A complete scheduling enlisting the dates and time required for the health research has to be ascertained and documented.

Procedure - The procedure and method of conducting research against each scheduled date should also be planned and reported in the document. This is mandatory so, that the medical professional team is aware in advance about the procedures and there are no delays in carrying them out.

Medication - This protocol says that the medicines that will be part of the medical research. Along with this even the dosage should be mentioned for each research study.

Time Frame - In addition to the scheduling, which is the first requirement, the exact time required for initiation and completion of the entire study has to be framed correctly in advance.

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