Risks Of Medical Research


Risks Of Medical Research  

A clinical trial is a bio-medical or health related research studies that are subjected to adhere to pre-defined protocol. Clinical trial consists of two types of studies interventional and observational.

In interventional type of study, the research participants are given drugs or chemicals by the examiner to cure a disease and their results are measured. In observational studies, participants are observed and the results are measured by the examiners. Any medical research is expected to follow certain ethics so, that the risk involved to any participant is minimal. In spite of all these mandatory requirements the studies are not always done in the prescribed manner resulting into number of risks.

The common risks involved could be that treatment prescribed is not effective or the treatment has some mild to severe side effects resulting into serious and even fatal conditions. In few cases the time frame as documented in the protocol may get exceeded due to visits to research sites or requiring more treatment which would involve extended hospital stays and even composite dosages of medicine.

In order to obviate these risks, there are multiple channels to check the efficacy of a research and the research team is generally equipped with protective measures. Also, the research reports are discussed in scientific meetings and are published in medical journals as the trial progresses. Government, on its part, issues regulation to which each clinical trial institute is required to follow. In the US, all research institutes carrying out a study requires approval from the IRBs, and are continuously monitored for their performance and to ensure that risks occurring if any are as minimum as possible.

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