Animal Rights Vs Medical Research


Animal Rights Vs Medical Research  

There exists no doubt that testing laboratory animals had become an indispensable part of medical research. Over the last 50 years a debate has been fuming up over the use of innocent animals for the benefit of human being. This debate has acquired more voice in the past three decades ever since the emergence of Animal Rights.

According to animal rights, human and animals are essentially equal and utilization of animals for human advantages is extremely brutal and must be condemned. A life whether of a human or any animal how big or small may be is unique and important and therefore, must be treated with equal respect. All animal rights activists reject use of animals for human benefit no matter how humane the treatment meted out is. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an animal right organization in the US, advocates that even if animal research is able to provide a cure for AIDS, the organization would condemn it.

The Animal Welfare Society, however, has a different concept and philosophy. It says that utilization of animals to fulfill certain human needs is acceptable. These needs include food, companionship, clothing, medical research and sports. They try to advocate that whenever animals are used by human for these purposes the basic needs of the animals should be met like food, shelter and health.

No matter how firm the opinion of animal right activists are despite all their claims it is evident that research that are based on animals has significant contribution towards strengthening the life of human as well animals. The biomedical researches are not possible without using animals in the laboratory.

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Animal Rights Vs Medical Research )
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