Cruelty In Animal Testing


Cruelty In Animal Testing  

Animals used in laboratory for testing are treated mercilessly for the benefit of human being. Mankind has repeatedly failed to give the due respect to animals. One must understand that animal also have feelings and emotions as human have. Imagine when these animals are being tested with various scientific specimens without even being given anesthesia.

These animals are often treated as lifeless creatures, who are not able to express their feelings because they cannot speak like us. Being the intelligent species surviving in this planet we are routinely cutting down the forests, dumping toxic and chemicals into the water, wear fancy tusks in our arms without bothering that it has been derived out of a rare species and then we mercilessly pour cosmetic items into their eyes, rectums or vaginas of the innocent animals to test whether it will be harmful for us. Well, on routine basis all these acts might not concern us much but if all these are put in a paper asking you a question that whatever is being done is it right then one might wonder how human conscience are allowing them to act so mercilessly and then we would be ashamed of ourselves.

Let us find out what happens in one of the most famous animal tests Draize (eye irritancy test). The Draize test is carried out on albino rabbits. For example, Florida White rabbits are used because they are cheap, docile and do not have tear ducts to wash out the chemicals that are poured into their eyes. The test demands for the rabbits to be immobilized in a stock with just their heads jutting out. Chemicals that are poured are either used for eye mascara or an after shave. The eyes of these rabbits are forcefully kept open using clips and are observed after every interval of 1, 24, 42, 72 and 168 hours.

Anesthesia is not used in almost 95 percent tests. The rabbits may get reactions like inflammation, ulceration, rupture of eyeball, corrosion and also bleeding.

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Fact-About-Animal-Testing      Animal testings are authorized all over the world to test different types of products from shampoo to skin creams and oven cleaners to cancer drugs. There are countries where the law demands that any new drug that has been launched should have been tested on a minimum of 2 different species of live mammals and one of these must be a large non-rodent. More..


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Cruelty In Animal Testing )
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