Fact About Animal Testing


Fact About Animal Testing  

Animal testings are authorized all over the world to test different types of products from shampoo to skin creams and oven cleaners to cancer drugs. There are countries where the law demands that any new drug that has been launched should have been tested on a minimum of 2 different species of live mammals and one of these must be a large non-rodent.

On the other hand, animal rights claims hat animal testing should not be conducted still almost every drug in the market that we see or use has been tested on animals prior to the use of human being. It would be strange to know that there are anesthetics, which are used to avoid pain during surgery, have been tested on animals.

The human are considered superior to other animals because of their power to reason out, discriminate and sensitivity yet they tend to be ignorant about the suffering that is being done on the innocent animals. It is shameful that we try to find out cure from animals for illnesses that is a result of our own un-healthy living habits. Studies show that merely 5 to 25 percent of animal testing is satisfying. Most of the drugs that are being tested on animals are considered of no use then why does one go for animal testing at all.

Almost 83 percent of substances that are used for animal testing are metabolized in a different way by animals and humans. Nearly all medical experts concur that results from animal tests are not safe to be extrapolated to human patients. For instance, lemon juice, which is safe for humans, is a lethal poison for animals, while arsenic and botulin which are toxins for humans are safe for animals. Also, genetically tailored animals should not be considered as models for human diseases.

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