Is Animal Testing Ethical


Is Animal Testing Ethical ?  

Animal testing is surely unethical but with new diseases and illnesses emerging out routinely there is no option for the scientists, researchers and the pharmacists to depend on an evil act like animal testing. Each year around 50 to 100 million vertebrates such as mice, rats, fish and dogs are tested in laboratories for various researches in the fields of developmental biology, genetics and behavioral studies.

The results obtained from these researches assists in preparation of various curable drugs and medicines. The only way to under the effect of a chemical on a living being is through animal testing.

In medical colleges and pharmaceuticals companies, white mice, guinea pigs and rabbits are being exclusively raised up for animal testing as these are very sensitive to temperatures and surroundings. Discovery of numerous vaccines for diseases such as TB, rabies, polio, measles, rubella and mumps have been possible due to animal testing. Also, many antibiotics, HIV medicines, insulin, and treatment for cancers depend on the outcomes of animal testing. Major breakthrough in the field of medicine has been open heart surgery and organ transplant. These were the results of successful animal testing.

As there are many benefits of animal testing if one sees the other aspects of it one would find that it is sometimes inhumane to treat animal such a way. Eye irritant test famously Draize test is one such example which proves how an animal is brutally handled to get the tests results. In this test, harmful chemicals are poured into the eyes of a rabbit to see its results. Sometimes the cases are so severe that the eyes of the rabbit may start bleeding and in extreme cases gets blind. Finally, to relieve it from pain and suffering, it is killed. Also, if one notices the cost factors involved in animal testing beginning with captivity, housing, feeding, caring and testing with drugs and chemicals is not less. And many a times, the authenticity of these tests is doubtful. Many animals die without any correct explanation.

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Is Animal Testing Ethical ? )
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