What Is Animal Testing ?


What Is Animal Testing ?  

Experimental utilization of animals other than human for treatment from various diseases is termed as animal testing. Animal testing has other names also like animal research or animal experimentation. Animal testing is carried out by scientists and researchers in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Animals are held captive and raised for the purpose of experimentation.

Animal testing can occur in universities, medical schools, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology firms, and military defense establishments. There are numerous products and applications whose authenticities are being proved by carrying out animal testing. One must realize that almost all the house hold items ranging from cleaners to cosmetics and medicines to toiletries are likely to have been tested on animals for verification. The products which undergo animal testing are medicines, vaccines, toiletries, cosmetics, drugs, food additives, supplements, household cleaners, pesticides and industrial chemicals.

A product is considered safe if its test result on animals shows positive outcomes.

Animals are supposed to be similar to humans in metabolic function hence if animals do not show any reaction to a substance it is considered to be safe for use by humans too.

Animals testing have helped the medical fraternity in developing many life saving drugs and vaccines.

Ever since animal testing began, it has been a debatable subject amongst the animal activist, scientists, and government. Whereas scientists and researchers claim that animal testing is an integral part of their experimentation the animal activities believe that the animals used for testing are treated inhumanely and just because they are unable to express themselves loud human are taking undue advantage of these innocent animals in the name of testing.

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When-Did-Animal-Testing-Start      The earliest evidence of testing on animals goes back to the writings of Greeks in the second and subsequently fourth century BCE. Testing carried out on living animal was first performed by Aristotle (384-322 BCE) and then by Erasistratus (304-258 BCE). Pigs and goats were first dissected by Galen, a physician, in the 2nd century. Galen hailed from Rome. More..


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