What Are The Different Phases Of Clinical Trials ?


What Are The Different Phases Of Clinical Trials ?  

Launch of any new medication or intervention is subjected to undergo clinical trials in different phases this is aimed to test and verify each result and endpoints.

First Phase - This involves a small group of people mostly less than 100. The basic aim of this trial phase is to check the safety of the medication or an intervention. The suggested treatment will be verified for entire safety that includes determining the safe limit of dosages and discover any immediate side effects.

Second Phase - This phase is meant to support the phase one trials and involves a significantly large group of people. The group will consist of people ranging from 100 to 400. A large number of people are involved to ascertain the efficacy of the treatment and further study the safety of the medication for its limit of dosages and any new side effects.

Third Phase - After successful completion of the first two phases in the third phase significantly larger group is enrolled approximately 1,000 to 3,000 or even more. Any new medication or a treatment is cautiously evaluated for its efficacy to treat the known disease or illness. The latest intrusion is likely to be compared with an already existing one. Any additional side effects will also be studied. This trail phase may include placebo. A placebo is an inert compound administered to a section of volunteers to ascertain that the new treatment is acceptable.

Fourth Phase - Once the medication and a treatment for a specific disorder gets approval for marketing the last phase is carried out to check its efficiency in substantially larger groups which may include a subpopulation. Very rare, but the side effects are also studied in this phase.

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What Are The Different Phases Of Clinical Trials ? )
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