Advantage Of Stem Cell Research


Advantage Of Stem Cell Research  

Stem cell research has many advantages to its credit. One may wonder that there exist methods where in the damaged organ can be cured without needing the transplant. Advantages of stem cell researches are listed below.

Stem cell once injected in the bodies of diseased patients holds the responsibility of reversing the symptoms of aging thus enabling a longer healthy life. Studies and trials conducted so far has already proved that stem cell treatment helps in slowing down the aging process and with the research further probably the aging would be cured completely.

Stem cell treatment has the medical advantage of therapeutic cloning and regenerative drugs.

It has the ability of curing various types of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, cancer, spinal cord injuries, diabetes and lot more.
Damaged limbs or organs can be generated in a laboratory using stem cell and can be then utilized in transplants or assist in treating a disorder.

Scientists and doctors can utilize stem cell for discovering more about human development by studying the cell growth. It will also be beneficial in testing enormous drugs and medicines without being employing any animal or human volunteers.

One major advantage of stem cell is it will allow the scientists and bio-medical researchers in finding out developmental studies directly in a human embryo which will help in curing many diseases that are the result of birth defects, pregnancy loss and infertility.

Another breakthrough in adult stem cell treatment is the utilization of the patient’s own stem cell in treatment. It is quite beneficial because of the minimized risk involved in rejection of cells.

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Advantage Of Stem Cell Research )
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