Stem Cell Facts


Stem Cell Facts  

Stem cells can be traced in all multi cellular organisms throughout their various developmental stages. The efficiency of stem cell in growing into many types of cell was first noticed in the 1960s by Ernest A. McCulloch and James E. Till.

Stem cells have often been synonymous with the word miracle cells due to its potential power. The findings of stem cell have transfigured the concept of treatment of few diseases. Owing to its versatile features the stem cell has given rise to a complete new field of research known as Regenerative medicines. The stem cells are derived from three basic sources, namely embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells.

Out of the three, the embryonic stem cells possess the maximum possibility of developing into all other types of cells. After the fertilization, in the span of few days, the human embryo forms the blastocyst in which the cells get transformed into two different layers. The outer layer, called trophoblast, forms the placenta and the inner one, called embryoblast, develops into the fetus. Embryonic stem cells are harvested from the embryoblast.

Once a fetus develops the various cells continue development and they reach adulthood the number of stem cells become less because of the fact that most of the cells have already transformed into tissues and organs. However, an adult still possess few stem cells that can be extracted from the brain, bone marrow, blood vessels, skin, liver and also the skeletal muscles. Finally, the cord blood cells are the one which can be gotten from the blood present in the umbilical cord.

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