Stroke And Stem Cells


Stroke And Stem Cells  

A stroke can destroy a person’s ability to speak and hinders his usual body movements. Stable gaps occur in the brain due to strokes. Damage of cells at a particular place causes gaps. These gaps can be filled with new cells with a help of stem cell technique. This method may sound technically correct but all the trials that have been done till now have shown one or other complications.

The stem cell technique for treating a major brain disorder resulting due to chronic strokes can initiate its first trial if it gets approval from the US FDA. This trial was put up for request by a stem cell company called ReNeuron, which is located in Guildford, England.

Chronic strokes in the brain have become a foremost reason of permanent adult disability worldwide. Around 2.5 millions of people worldwide get affected with this annually which would rise by 7 percent yearly in the future. At present there are no treatments available for brain strokes. A successful research in stem cell technique would definitely help millions of people worldwide.

Up until now in trials carried out in animals, it has been proved that the stem cells once identified and injected into the brain or the bloodstream easily transport to the damaged site where the gap occurs because these cells are actually attracted by the signals received from the cells of damaged sites. ReNeuron explains this transportation as a similar mechanism in which the stem cells are drawn or attracted in the embryonic growth. The major issue regarding this therapy is that once these cells are grown in lab how unstable they can turn out to be.

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