Childrens And Cardiology


Childrens And Cardiology  

It is a general thought that only the old aged or middle aged people are prone to get affected by the cardiovascular disease. But to the surprise, the statistics report gives an account of 9 out of 1,000 babies are born with a heart defect. Moreover, the 2.3 per 1000 live birth are in need of treatment for congenital heart disease. It is estimated that approximately one million people are born with cardiovascular disease.

Many children are starts to smoke at very early age and that contributes to acquire the cardiovascular disease in the later period of their life. The unhealthy diet that the children eat, that is the food which is rich in fat leads to the blockage of the arteries that causes heart related diseases and also leads to obesity. Obesity is considered to be one of the major risk factor for the heart disease. It is estimated that around 33 percent of the children are obese due to lack of regular physical exercise.

Some of the congenital heart diseases can be treated by medication or by performing surgery. The heart disease can also be treated by implanting electronic devices which will lessen the workload of the heart. The diagnosis of heart disease in children is very difficult and it requires the careful attention of the professional health care advisor.

The children should posses a healthy life style by doing regular physical exercises, avoiding smoking, alcohol abuse, eating low calorie food to prevent the major heart related diseases, hypertension, obesity, stroke, etc. The children with the heart disease must follow the instruction of the physician and routine checkup should be done to avoid major complications.

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Childrens And Cardiology )
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