Alternatives To Physical Restarints In The ICU


Alternatives To Physical Restraints In The ICU  

Sometimes, after extreme surgeries like a coronary artery bypass, a patient will have to be kept in the Intensive Care Unit, or the ICU, for a period of time. Nevertheless, patients may suffer when kept in the ICU.

In the ICU, the patient maybe kept on sedation to reduce or ease the pain. When removed from sedation, the patient may show signs of agitation or delirium. Around 15 to 40 percent of patients fall under this category. Hence, to prevent patients from causing any harm or injury to themselves, they may be subjected to physical restraints.

Physical restraint in the ICU, especially for those adults in critical care, may include wrapping the patient’s hands in cotton bandages which only allows free movement of the arms but not the fingers. Others may also have their hands tied loosely to the bed which will not allow the patient to use their arms. These methods are frequently used in North America and in Europe, and have also been subjected to immense criticism. Even though the hospital may do it because it is no longer possible to continue the sedation or because the patient is at a risk of causing self-injury, it is also a great source of distress to the patient and his immediate family. 

There have been concerns regarding the use of physical restraint in the ICU. There is concern that immobilizing the patient may cause emotional strain and in severe cases death. There are also legal concerns regarding the same. Alternatives to this include making the nurse sit at a visible distance from the patient to allow constant supervision and eye contact.

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Alternatives To Physical Restarints In The ICU )
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