Average Length Of Stay Cardiac Icu


Average Length Of Stay Cardiac ICU  

Patients of cardiac surgeries are generally advised to stay in the Intensive Care Unit, or ICU to allow intensive monitoring right after a major surgery such as coronary artery bypass. Such surgeries are generally required when the patient is suffering from a chronic and severe disease such as the coronary artery disease or CAD.

Most patients are admitted into the hospital on the day of the surgery. The night before the surgery, the patient may be asked to bathe to reduce the amount of germs on the surface of the body. At the same time, after being admitted into the hospital, that area may be again washed and scrubbed or antiseptics may be applied. During the operation, an anesthetic is used to make you sleep. This is given on an empty stomach which means that you should not eat at least 8 hours before the surgery.

After the surgery, patients are generally asked to stay for 1-3 days in the ICU, depending on the recovery of the patient post operation. It is generally seen through research that there may be risks if a person stays more than 3 days in the ICU. This needs to be monitored more carefully because nowadays there is more number of patients needing a cardiac surgery. Throughout the stay of such patients in the hospital, it is vital to ensure proper organ functioning to make sure that they have faster chances of recovery.

This is more important because research suggest that patients staying for more than 3 days in the ICU succumb to renal, respiratory or heart failures.

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Average Length Of Stay Cardiac Icu )
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