Explain The Interaction Between Hormones And Behavior.


Explain The Interaction Between Hormones And Behavior.  

Hormones, or the “chemical messengers”, are produced in different glands and then secreted if necessary to the site of action to allow a certain biological activity to take place. They are in general responsible for the proper functioning of the body.

Most importantly, hormones are required to maintain a condition of homeostasis in the body. This is defined as condition in which the body environment is kept constant within certain physiological limits regardless of changes in the external environment.

At the chemical level, hormones are responsible for allowing chemical reactions in the body to take place. These in turn determine the behavioral patterns of the person. In fact, most diseases occur to the over or under secretion of hormones by their respective glands. For example, hyposecretion of insulin by the ß cells of the Islets of Langerhans of the pancreas.

In general, hormones are of two types. They are steroids and peptides. Steroids are sex hormones and they control sexual behavior. They are responsible for young girls and boys attaining puberty, for the fertility cycle and so on. They are made from cholesterol in the respective sex organs, i.e. the testes and the ovaries, and in the adrenal glands. For example, estrogen is the primary female sex hormone and it is responsible for promoting secondary sexual characteristics in females.

Peptide hormones are the other class of hormones which control other behavior and characteristics. They get the name of peptides because they are made from long chains of amino acids. For example, insulin is a peptide hormone.

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Explain The Interaction Between Hormones And Behavior. )
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