Calcium And The Digestive System


Calcium And The Digestive System  

We generally know calcium to be responsible for strengthening bones and teeth. However, calcium is also responsible for several metabolic reactions in the body. Calcium is also responsible for responses to stimuli of muscle and nerve cells.

Calcium is obtained from a diet consisting of milk and milk products, meat and vegetables. Calcium being absorbed depends on the conditions within the lumen of the intestine. The stomach secretes acids which converts calcium into a salt and is absorbed primarily in the duodenum of the intestine. It gets precipitated in the ileum of the intestine and then gets excreted from the body in the faeces. As far as calcium absorption is concerned, lactose helps in it, but high concentrations of magnesium and oxalates interfere with it. 

During the process of calcium absorption, it is absorbed by the enterocyte cell membrane. This process requires it. The hormones which influence calcium absorption are parathyroid hormone secreted by the Parathyroid, and the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary glands. When food is taken in, it should contain about 1,200 mg of calcium. One third of this is absorbed.

When calcium is circulated when passing through the kidney in the blood, 99 percent of it is reabsorbed. So, when there is a case of kidney failure, there is excessive loss of calcium. When there is a calcium deficiency in the body, it is taken from the bone and hence, they become weak. Therefore, calcium is a very important component of the body.

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Calcium And The Digestive System )
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