Where Is The Digestive System Located In The Body


Where Is The Digestive System Located In The Body ?  

The human digestive system starts right from the mouth and goes all the way down to the anus. It is the alimentary canal or the digestive tract or the gastrointestinal tract that is the main component of the human body. There are many glands and organs located all throughout the tract. Apart from the tract, there are a few other organs like the liver and pancreas which also play a role in digestion.

The digestive system starts with the mouth or the buccal cavity where there are the salivary glands, the teeth, the tongue and the tonsils. This is followed by the esophagus which is a long tube connecting the stomach and the mouth.

The stomach is the next organ where the food is stored before it is digested. In the stomach, the food gets [partially digested with the help of the gastric juices secreted. This partially digested food is called chyme. Surrounding the stomach are the liver, the pancreas, the gall bladder and the small intestine.

The small intestine is very long and coiled. It is about 20 feet long. It is divided into three parts. They are the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum. From the stomach, the food first enters the duodenum after which it goes to the jejunum and the ileum. Here in the small intestine, enzymes are used to break down the food. These enzymes also come from the pancreas into the small intestine.

The large intestine consists of the caecum, the colon and the rectum. The solid waste, which is stored in the rectum, is excreted through the anus.

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Where Is The Digestive System Located In The Body ? )
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