Alcohol Effects The Nervous System


Alcohol Effects The Nervous System  

Alcohol is nothing but ethanol or ethyl alcohol that is consumed. Alcohol is beverages, which like other drugs such as barbiturates, sedatives and anesthetics, has a depressing effect on the nervous system. Alcohol affects those areas of the nervous system and the brain that control judgment. That is why the drinker feels stimulated and loses sense and control of himself.

Alcohol slows down the activity of the brain. Because of this, depending on the person, there may be signs of slurred speech, the thinking may not be clear and the reaction time of the person also increases. Along with this, the person’s hearing is also affected, the vision is impaired, the muscles are affected and there may also be poor memory.

Right after alcohol passes into the blood stream it infiltrates almost every organ such as the brain, liver, heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys and so on. The stronger the alcohol is, with more concentration of alcohol in the drink, the faster it gets absorbed. Concentrated alcohol should of course be never taken. It can have corrosive effects on the mucous lining of the stomach delaying absorption. It then gets stuck in the stomach rather than moving down into the small intestine where it would get absorbed more easily. Also, the temperature plays a vital role in the absorption of the alcohol. Warm alcohol gets absorbed more quickly compared to cold alcohol.

Continuous addiction to alcohol may cause irreversible damages to the central nervous system of the body resulting in loss of complete control.

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Alcohol Effects The Nervous System )
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