Daily Life For A Neurology Resident


Daily Life For A Neurology Resident  

The life of a neurologist resident may differ according to the institute he or she is working in. However, below is one example of what the daily life of a junior neurology resident in the general ward can involve.

In the morning, at around 7:00 am, the resident has to start the morning rounds. This session involves meetings between the general neurology, the stroke senior residents and residents who were on call. They discuss new admissions, consultation goes on and other issues may be discussed. The call rotation determines the patients that the resident has to attend to. Till around 9:00 am or so, the work rounds continue. During this time, the resident is expected to visit the patients and see how they are recovering. The resident may also have to go through tests or imaging results. If there are new patients, the history has to be studied and the tests to be done have to be determined.

This is generally followed by attending rounds. The attending faculty teaches the residents and they in turn may be helping students. They also have to review the diagnosis and treatment plans for their patients.

In the afternoon, there is the noon conference. This is a lecture series which may include discussions on different subjects such as neurological emergencies, neuromuscular, stroke, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pediatric neurology, evidence based medicine and so on. After this, the resident is free to finish any pending work. At around 4:00 pm, the day is done and the on-call resident takes over from the resident.

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Daily Life For A Neurology Resident )
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