Effects Of Tobacco Smoking On The Central Nervous System


Effects Of Tobacco Smoking On The Central Nervous System  

Tobacco smoking is very dangerous for health. Not just does it cause lung cancer, but it can also affect the nervous system. The effects of the nervous system are particularly profound when the smoker is young, probably in his or her adolescence. This is because in this stage, the nervous system is still developing into a healthy nervous system, and this growth is stopped by tobacco smoking.

Even in adults, the nervous system is very sensitive to toxic and addictive substances present in tobacco smoke. Once the delicate balance which the nervous system maintains is lost, it could lead to serious complications in later life.

A relatively common disease of the nervous system is multiple sclerosis. This is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune response attacks the central nervous system that is the brain and the spinal cord. The disease mostly occurs in youngsters and is more common in females. Smoking accelerates the development of this disease; and in those persons who already have the disease, smoking worsens the symptoms. According to facts, 40,000 Americans already have the disease.

Another disease which is directly related to smoking is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. This is a nervous system disease that results in chronic pain in the skin, muscles and joints. Although this disease is generally caused because of an injury, smoking can increase the chances of a person becoming susceptible to the disease. Other disease includes Shy-Drager syndrome where the symptoms are similar to that of Parkinson’s disease. There is widespread damage to the autonomic nervous system.

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Effects Of Tobacco Smoking On The Central Nervous System )
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