How Does Alcohol Affect The Nervous System Graph


How Does Alcohol Affect The Nervous System Graph ?  

Alcoholism is a threat not only mentally and emotionally to a person and his family but also to his health. Alcoholism causes intoxication in the person. People may start drinking alcohol regularly for many reasons. Some drink alcohol to get stimulated; although what alcohol really does is depresses the nervous system. Alcohol not only damages the nervous system, but also the stomach, liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

Intoxication from consuming alcohol happens only because it affects the central nervous system. This in turn has a cascading effect leading to changes in the emotional and sensory functions, judgment, and memory and also in the ability to learn. The effects of alcohol may be different from time to time on the nervous system causing alternate periods of rest and stupor. A person may show signs of dependency and tolerance especially to pain and may lead to irreversible damage. Every time the person drinks alcohol again and again, the nervous system deteriorates further.

The intellectual functioning, the sensory and motor control all get affected because of drinking alcohol. The brain gets affected the most because of alcoholism. Memory loss, confusion and hyper-alertness or augmentations to situations are the three fundamental signs that the brain is being affected. The drinker also has rapid mood swings and emotional and behavioral instability because of the habit.  Alcohol reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain which means that there may be blackouts and memory loss in the person. This is lethal because this kills the brain cells every time.

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How Does Alcohol Affect The Nervous System Graph ? )
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