How Much Protein Per Day Quiet Sympathetic Nervous System


How Much Protein Per Day Quiet Sympathetic Nervous System ?  

The sympathetic nervous system is a part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS consists of motor nerves, which are responsible for carrying information from the CNS to the smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and glands. The autonomic nervous system is generally responsible for actions which are involuntary by nature and are not ones that we can consciously control.

The ANS is composed of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system is concerned with increasing the activities of the visceral effectors like the glands. It is always active but at a low or basal level. It helps to prepare an individual to overcome emergency situations involving fight, fear and flight also called the 3 Fs. The sympathetic nervous system also help contract blood vessels particularly those in the skin, contracts muscles, helps in secretion of sweat glands, allows contraction of the heart, helps in dilating the bronchi, contracting the muscles of the urinary bladder, allows for sudden increase in blood pressure if required, sudden decrease in the number of red blood corpuscles or RBCs, and also rapid coagulation of blood.

Sympathetic neurons are sometimes thought to be part of the peripheral nervous system or PNS as well. There are sympathetic neurons part of the spinal cord which use the sympathetic ganglia to allow for communication with the peripheral sympathetic neurons. Inside the ganglia, the sympathetic neurons of the spinal cord join the sympathetic neurons of the peripheral nervous system with the help of chemical synapses. That is why the spinal cord sympathetic neurons are also called pre-synaptic neurons.

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How Much Protein Per Day Quiet Sympathetic Nervous System ? )
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