Nervous System Fun Facts For Kids


Nervous System Fun Facts For Kids  

Every organism must somehow be aware of what is going in the world around them. This will help it survive and perform actions for its survival. The organism needs to coordinate to adjust to the external environment, and also be aware of the actions that are happening within the body. Even those require coordination. Such coordination occurs through two systems in the body, namely the nervous system and the hormonal systems.

Our body needs a nervous system because it keeps us informed about what is happening in the word around us through our sense organs, it helps us think, remember, it controls all muscular activities such as running, it helps regulate involuntary activities like breathing, without us thinking about them.

The nervous system consists of neurons. The neuron conducts impulses which are like electrical currents. When one neuron excites another, it releases neurotransmitters. It is through this method, that messages are sent from one part of the body to the other. It is like an electrical disturbance on the surface of the axon, which is a part of a nerve cell. These are the fibers that take the information away from the neuron. Those fibers which carry the information towards it are called dendrites.

Neurons are of three types: motor neurons, sensory neurons and association neurons. Motor neurons are the ones that send the instructions from the central nervous system or the CNS to other parts of the body like the muscles. The sensory neurons are the ones that carry information about stimuli such as light, heat and touch to the central nervous system, and association neurons are the ones that connect the sensory and the motor neurons.

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Nervous System Fun Facts For Kids )
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