Neurology History


Neurology History  

Neurology is the field of study of nervous system, its function and dysfunction, diagnoses of the neurological disorders and the treatment regimens to treat the nervous system disorders. This field of science has been exists right from prehistoric ages as an observational science. There are many records are seen in the history to prove this fact.

In neurology history, there are also reports stating that they had dissected the nerves. They also know about the symptoms of the epilepsy and the appropriate treatment regimen. They also found through the observation that the animals can be made speechless if a particular nerve in the larynx muscle is cut. Though there was belief in those periods that few nervous disorders are caused due to anger of God, they still believed that the epilepsy is caused by the some natural reason. Later, after the sixteenth century, this field has emerged as a study of science academically. Once it is included in the academics, a systemic approach was followed to improve this field.

Now, there is a tremendous improvement has been seen by this field. As the systemic research started in neurology, many findings clarified the reason behind most of the neurological disorders which in turn paves the way for the better treatment. The knowledge about the subject also helped the physician to guide the patient in the proper manner and thus aids in the prevention of few neurological disorders.

In the ancient days, the nervous system breakdown was considered to be a greatest curse because of the pain and other difficulties, but now with the advancement in the neurology, the difficulties are greatly reduced.

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What-Is-A-Doctor-Of-Neurology      A doctor of neurology is physician who has done their specialization in the field of neurology, the branch of study that deals with the study of function, dysfunction of the nervous system, diagnosis of the disorder and treatment for the disorder concerning neurology. The physician who is specialized to do surgical procedures for treating the neurological disorder is referred to as neurosurgeon. The doctor of neurology can perform different things based on their specialization and also based on the attention of their practice. More..


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