Points To Relax The Nervous System


Points To Relax The Nervous System  

Due to our stressful lifestyles it is necessary to relax the nervous system. This not only calms us but helps us maintain balance and proper functioning in the body.  This also helps prevent the occurrence of unnecessary diseases in our day to day life. Thus, exercise should be a vital part of every person’s lifestyle especially with a sedentary type of lifestyle setting into the modern age.

When we do physical exercise, it leads to the secretion of various chemicals like endorphine and serotonin. These chemicals have the effect of leaving one satisfied and happy and relaxed after the work out. It also plays a role in promoting our mental image of ourselves and also making us feel good and look good. Regular exercise plays a major role in improving our self confidence and self esteem. When you do exercise it can also help remove stress, anxiety and any feeling of dullness that you may have.

In the body, there are certain pressure points which help in stimulating and relaxing the nervous system. There are points such as those on the forehead close to the temples which form what are called the 50 living points. These are those areas which help calm and relax the nervous system, and also tone up. They help in releasing energy blocks leading to free flow of energy, help release anxiety, and relieve body ache and pain and also the pain associated with allergies, perspiration and so on.  Likewise, there are other points which relieve headaches, stiff neck, shoulder pains and other aches and pains.

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Points To Relax The Nervous System )
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