Spinal Alignment And The Nervous System


Spinal Alignment And The Nervous System  

The spinal cord is an important part of the nervous system. Along with the brain, the spinal cord constitutes the central nervous system or the CNS. It lies in the neural canal of the vertebral column. It extends from the medulla to the lumbar region. The spinal cord is protected by three meninges, spinal fluid and a cushion of adipose tissue.

The spinal cord performs sensory motor and reflex functions and also acts a major centre of reflex actions. It acts a link between the spinal nerves and the brain. So it also participates in conscious actions.

The spinal cord is cylindrical with two swellings- one in the cervical region and the other is in the lumbar region. It gradually tapers down into a bundle of small nerves which form the structure called filum terminate. The central canal of the spinal cord is the one that is filled with the cerebrospinal fluid or the CSF.

When we have a back ache or bad posture, most of the time it is the spinal cord that is actually affected. In our modern stressful lives, we may unknowingly put too much stress on the spinal cord. This may lead to unwanted problems like a stiff back. In extreme cases, this can get severe and lead to degeneration and defects. The end result is acute pain. Therefore, to get rid of such problems we have to practice good posture to make sure that the muscles that hold the spine correctly are exercised and there is neutral spinal alignment.

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Spinal Alignment And The Nervous System )
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