What Is The Function Of A Nervous System


What Is The Function Of A Nervous System ?  

In multicellular organisms, the various actions of the body are controlled or regulated with the help of the nervous system. In nervous system, the electrical signals are generated in the form of nerve impulses which are usually associated with the fast responses to the environmental stimuli.

With evolution, the nervous system has become more complicated and complex in structure and functions in higher organisms. In such organisms, the nervous system plays the role of regulating all physiological processes and in effecting connections of the organism with the external environment.

The nervous system plays many important roles in organisms and some of them are as follows:
Regulating and controlling activities of the different organs and of the entire organism. These may include activities such as muscular contraction, glandular secretion, heart action, and metabolism.

The nervous system also links the various organs and systems coordinating all their activities and thus ensuing integrity of the organism.

It helps in maintaining the unity of the organism and its external environment. All outside stimuli are perceived by the nervous system through the sense organs. These stimuli travel in the form of nerve messages from the receptors to the central nervous system comprising the brain and the spinal cord. Here the impulses are sent to other nerves which lead from the central nervous system to other organs which have to make a suitable response for the stimulus and perform actions such as muscle contraction, or secreting enzymes and so on. There is high level of coordination that has to happen between the different organs of the body for integrity to be maintained.

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What Is The Function Of A Nervous System ? )
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