Chronic Pain Management


Chronic Pain Management  

Chronic pain usually does not respond to any medication and it interferes with the normal physical activity of the patient thus affecting them with higher levels of anger, fear, sadness, anxiety and stress. The consulting physician has to evaluate the reason and causes of chronic pain and the condition has to be properly assessed before deciding the treatment. In case of patients where the pain cannot be completely cured, the physician has to convince the patient for a pain management program.

This is a combination of therapies which help the patient to live a normal life. This new treatment approach is called as multimodality approach. They aim at providing the patient physical comfort and better physical functioning which in turn reduce stress and tension. This includes many strategies such as drugs, physiotherapy, stimulation technique, nerve blocks, appropriate surgery and psychological techniques.

Analgesics and psychoactive drugs are used mainly to treat patients with chronic pain. But due to some of the side effects, its use is reduced. Physiotherapy helps the patient to correct their ways of movement and also increases flexibility. Stimulation techniques such as acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation are the latest therapy for patient with neck pain and low back pain. Both the techniques are very simple and safe when done with the help of trained professionals.

Nerve block studies are also being carried out and give beneficial result for some kind of pain. For example, Facet joint denervations for low back pain and neck pain and use of Botulinum Toxin for muscle spasm. Surgery is recommended in case of nociceptive chronic pain. Psychological techniques such as relaxation, hypnosis and biofeedback have proved to be very beneficial in some cases.

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