Sleep And Pain Management


Sleep And Pain Management  

Sleep is very much essential to any living organism. Sleep can be disrupted by many means that includes chronic pain, illness, stress and changing lifestyle of a person. The sleep provides rest to the brain and to the other parts of the body so that they can function efficiently after the rest. It is also said that the good sleep activate our immune system.

It is documented that two-third of people who suffers from chronic pain is also suffer from improper sleep. People with sleep disorder when treated with the sleeping aids, the chronic pain decreased greatly. At the same time, the lack of sleep causes an increase in pain. This estimate gives the relationship between the sleep and the pain management. Therefore, sleep aids also play an important role in the management of chronic pain. The chronic pain also affects the sleep. Hence, this cycle is often very dangerous and it needs to be prevented before it becomes a major issue.

Patient with chronic pain has to change their lifestyle in such a way that they get sound sleep. Doing regular physical exercises, eating healthy diet, avoiding food rich in fatty acids and triglycerides at night, refraining from caffeine and nicotine containing items, alcohol abuse and smoking cigarettes must be avoided to get a quality sleep.

Routine consumption of sleeping pills to get sleep must be avoided as our body system get so much used to the sleeping pills that it cannot sleep without sleeping pills. The good standard of living and sleep will keep away the pain that is caused due to sleep disorders.

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