What Is Pain Management


What Is Pain Management ?  

People experience some kind of pain everyday in their day to day life and the degree of pain increases considerably if they come across any burns, wounds or broken bone. This kind of pain disappears once the injury is healed and they are generally short term. Due to the malfunctioning of the nervous system, the brain can get pain signals even after the injury is healed. This causes severe pain that is agonizing, and a specialist from the pain management center can help in controlling the pain.

Certain medical conditions such as cancer could lead to chronic pain. The pain management team is committed to reducing the pain that the patients are suffering due to injuries. The pain management team studies the nature of the pain in various phases and chooses the best option that suits for an individual.

During the first phase, the team quickly collects the history of the pain through the reports. It also documents the past history of illness, surgeries and allergies towards any medicines that are related to the patient. The second phase provides information about the level of pain and pattern of the pain. It also finds whether the patient show any symptoms with pain such as insomnia, fatigue or stiffness. The third phase deals with the complete physical examination around the area of pain. Medications such as anti inflammatory drugs or pain killers are administered as per the necessity. The treatment differs from patient to patient and if the treatment fails to subside, then the physician could consider other options such as surgery.

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What Is Pain Management ? )
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