Growth Of Sleep Medicine


Growth Of Sleep Medicine  

The new branch of medicine that has been recently emerged and recognized to diagnose and treat the sleep related problem is called sleep medicine. Sleep medicine is developed based on the knowledge about the physiology of sleep, circadian biology and ill effects of the sleep disorders. There is a tremendous growth seen in the field of sleep medicine over the last fifty years, ever since REM was discovered.

The discovery of the electroencephalogram has helped to categories the stages of sleep and thus the understanding about the physiology of the sleep became sharper. The findings of selective deprivation of sleep both non rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement sleep would result in the demise of the animal gave the insight into the importance of sleep. The knowledge and understanding about narcolepsy is also considered to be the major advancement in the sleep medicine. The other major breakthrough in the field of sleep medicine is that in the patient with narcolepsy, the rapid eye movement sleep starts near the onset of sleep and the patients also carried HLA DR2. These findings helped to diagnose the diseased state at the earlier stage.

The other major contribution to the sleep medicine is the identification of the Restless leg syndrome (RLS) which is first described by Ekbom. Treatment with levodopa and Dopamine-receptor agonists helped to understand that this disease occurs due to the reduced dopaminergic function in the brain. The pathogenesis of RLS, pathophysiology of upper airway collapse in the pharyngeal segment, chronobiology are the other findings that helped to advance the field of sleep medicine.

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