How To Get Off Sleep Medicine


How To Get Off Sleep Medicine ?  

Sleeping at night helps to maintain the normal functioning of the body system and it also gives rest to the inner organs. Many people suffer from the sleep related disorders and stay awake at night for long time without getting sleep. Sleep medicine is used to treat the sleep related problems. The dose and the duration of the sleep medicine depend on the nature and the severity of the sleep disorder.

When sleep medicine is taken over a period, there is a tendency of dependence to the drug occurs, which in turn, results in minor unpleasant symptoms and feelings. The major side effects of the sleep medicine are blurred vision, dizziness, forgetfulness, etc. Prolonged usage of the sleep medicine may also lead to the tolerance to the drugs. It is also not advisable to stop the usage of drugs immediately which may leads to the withdrawal symptoms like nausea, sweating and shakiness. The abdominal cramps, muscular cramps, vomiting and seizures are some of the severe withdrawal symptoms shown by the patient after the sudden stoppage of the medication.

Sleep medicine should be stopped only after the consultation of the doctor. The doctors usually suggest minimizing the levels of the dose day by day and stop the medication gradually. This would help to avoid the withdrawal symptoms as well as the dependence on the drug to get sleep. It is always essential to use the natural products to treat the sleep related issues to avoid undesirable side effects and to get sound sleep.

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How To Get Off Sleep Medicine ? )
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