Natural Medicine For Sleep


Natural Medicine For Sleep  

In order to treat the sleep disorders, there are many medications available in the market. But the usage of these drugs results in the side effects. Hence, in order to avoid the side effects of the medications, it is necessary to use the naturally available substances to treat the sleep disorders.

There are many naturally occurring substances could cure the problem of sleep disorders. Of which, the Valerian is a herb that is commonly used in the treatment of insomnia. It should be taken after the consultation of the health care giver.

Melatonin is the hormone that is produced at night from serotonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. It is commonly administered to people who work in various shifts in a week to induce sleep. Normally, it is suggested to be taken before 30 minutes to sleep. It is not advisable for pregnant women and women who nurse the child. Consuming food that is rich in tryptophan also helps to get sound sleep, as the tryptophan is the precursor of the serotonin.

Kava is another herb that is used to treat anxiety related sleep disorder. But the usage of Kava is not recommended to everyone, as in some cases, it has caused severe liver damage. Chamomile is the herb that helps to relax and calm the mind and thus it aids in the sound sleep. Magnesium is a sedative and helps to induce sleep. Patients with sleep disorders can take diet that is rich in magnesium. The sources of magnesium are dark leafy green vegetables, wheat bran, almonds, seeds, and legumes.

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What-Is-Sleep-Medicine      Sleep is something that is very much essential for the restoration of various cells, energy conservation, discharge of emotions, brain function as well as for proper vision. Sleep deprivation affects the brain health thereby its function resulting in mood swings, anxiety and difficulty in concentration. So, diagnosis of sleep disorder and treating the disorder is very important. Sleep medicine helps to diagnose and treat the sleep disorders. More..


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