What Is Sleep Medicine


What Is Sleep Medicine ?  

Sleep is something that is very much essential for the restoration of various cells, energy conservation, discharge of emotions, brain function as well as for proper vision. Sleep deprivation affects the brain health thereby its function resulting in mood swings, anxiety and difficulty in concentration. So, diagnosis of sleep disorder and treating the disorder is very important. Sleep medicine helps to diagnose and treat the sleep disorders.

The cause for the sleep disorders is not always very clear and the behavioral treatments are used to find the cause of the disease. The patients are taught about the sleep hygiene and cognitive behavioral therapy is found to be the effective behavioral treatment. Once the cause is identified, the treatment for the disorder commences. Sleep medicine is available for sleep disorders like acute insomnia, parasomnia. The idiopathic hypersomnia and narcolepsy can be treated by the medication along with the prescribed short naps and regular check up.

The patient with delayed sleep phase disorder which is classified under chronic circadian rhythm disorder, in which the patient finds very difficult to maintain the biological clock of the system, can be treated by light therapy. It is also treated by administering the melatonin orally and also chronotherapy.

In the 1970s, the sleep clinic was first created in the US. The interested physicians and the technicians took initiative to start the clinic in which they used to handle the issue of obstructive sleep disorders. In 1999, a physician founded a sleep laboratory without any special training for the sleep medicine.

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What Is Sleep Medicine ? )
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