Alternative Complementary Medicine Statistics


Alternative Complementary Medicine Statistics  

Complementary and alternative medicines ( CAM ) are fast becoming people’s choice of effective treatment. Many doctors practicing CAM will vouch for this fact. Also in agreement are people who claim to have been benefitted greatly.

According to data revealed in 2004, around 36% of adult Americans over the age of 18 make use of CAM therapy for treatment. People of all backgrounds and culture are increasingly taking to CAM, much to the disappointment of doctors practicing conventional medicines. The statistics also showed that more number of women turn to complementary and alternative medicines in comparison to men. People coming from well educated background also preferred CAM over any other form of treatment. Patients who had spent time in the hospitals in the recent years also took to alternative medicines in a big way. Also included in the category were smokers who had quit smoking. Their number was more than the number of smokers who had recently taken up smoking or people who did not smoke.

The survey showed that over 70% of people had used CAM regularly for treatment purposes and around 60% had shifted to CAM therapy in the past year. Around 72% of the people had used CAM without the combination of multivitamins some 45% had taken CAM treatment that did not include prayers. People falling in the lower income rate were more likely to use prayers along with CAM therapy than people falling in the higher income bracket including better level of education. Those who had opted for public health insurance were more likely to turn to CAM for treatment than people who had private health insurance policies. 43.1% of Asian adults followed CAM treatment religiously compared to 35.9% of white adults and 26.2% of black adults. Many of these people look at CAM treatment for healing diseases related to recurring pain of the musculoskeletal system.

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Alternative-Medicine-And-Holistic-Health-Care      Alternative medicine as understood today is the art of healing the living body without making use of the modern medicines as prescribed by the physicians. Alternative medicine believes that the human body has healing properties of its own and these can be made use of in treating rather than resorting to chemically enhanced treatments More..


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