Alternative Medicine And Holistic Health Care


Alternative Medicine And Holistic Health Care  

Alternative medicine as understood today is the art of healing the living body without making use of the modern medicines as prescribed by the physicians. Alternative medicine believes that the human body has healing properties of its own and these can be made use of in treating rather than resorting to chemically enhanced treatments

Some of the known alternative methods of treatment involve traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathy, hypnosis, homeopathy, meditation and yoga, herbalism and chiropractic. Treatments that are based on dietary habits are also included in alternative therapy. Knowledge for alternative medicines is derived from ancient literature, folklores, traditional medicines and religious or spiritual beliefs. But alternative medicines and their treatments are not evidence based. As mentioned earlier they are a part of the belief system of some cultures. Hence doctors do not advocate the use of alternative medicines. A group of doctors believe that it should be named as non-evidence based medicine, while another group feels that the label of ‘medicine’ be removed altogether. Many, who do not find relief from the prescribed conventional medicines, turn to alternative medicines.

Holistic healing, on the other hand, has the approval of some doctors who make use of it in conjunction with the scientific therapies. This is more of a philosophy of living than a treatment for diseases. It is often confused with alternative medicine. But while the latter has not been given green signal by the doctors, holistic healing is being increasingly applied in the latest methods of treatment. It works mainly by combining the physical well being of a person with his/her mental well being. Holistic approach to treatment includes balancing the emotional and spiritual side of the body. When used in conjunction with modern medicines, holistic healing has helped achieve better health in patients. It has also helped in maintaining the health by getting down to understanding a disease beyond its symptoms.

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Alternative Medicine And Holistic Health Care )
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