Health Coverage For Alternative Medicine


Health Coverage For Alternative Medicine  

More and more people are increasingly turning to alternative medicines for treatment in the belief that they offer natural remedies for healing. In such a scenario it becomes important that the people be aware of the kind of coverage insurance companies offer for alternative medicines.

Many insurance companies are taking care to cover alternative medicines in their health care policies. This is due to the increasing number of people who are now making use of alternative methods for treatment. The companies are also looking at it from profit making point of view since alternative medicine is not very expensive. Before applying, it is important to find out from the insurance company the kind of alternative medicine they cover for in their policy. The four therapies that are most commonly included are massage therapy, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Some companies also offer coverage for meditation, homeopathy, herbal therapy and stress management. However, the coverage provided is not much keeping in mind the money that people shell out for alternative therapies. On the basis of coverage, the therapy sessions given are very less in number and their frequency is not very high. As a result, many people have to spend money from their own pockets. This makes the insurance policy not very effective since the treatment provided under it is not complete.

Therefore, before you sign up for an insurance policy check with the agent on the alternative medicines those are covered in the policy. Also find out the coverage being offered. Many companies have different health policies in different states. In some states you will have the liberty to choose your own doctor, however in others you will have to go to the doctors recommended by the company. Once you have taken a policy, keep a record of all the financial dealings that you make with your alternative care doctor. Before you start with a treatment, find out from your insurance agent whether it will be included in the policy or not. This is necessary so as to avoid any unpleasantness later on in the event the policy does not provide for the treatment.

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