Laughing Is The Best Medicine


Laughing Is The Best Medicine  

Ever taken a walk around the park early in the morning? Did you notice the group of people gathered there, laughing away to glory? Well, they aren’t escapees from a mad house. They are practicing the philosophy of laughter-the best medicine.


During a tough day at work, we have all enjoyed respite by cracking jokes with our colleagues. Hasn’t it made us feel much better and emotionally lighter? All of us know that smiling and laughing brings more blood to our face, thereby adding glow to our personality. Even doctors nowadays recommend laughter as a therapy to start the process of healing faster. When we laugh, our face undergoes physical changes. The muscles present in the face stretch. The blood pressure of the body goes up and the pulse rate increase. All these changes result in sending more oxygen to the tissues present in the body. For weight conscious people, the good news is that laughing helps burn off those extra calories from the body. According statistics, 10-15 minutes of continuous laughing can burn as much as 50 calories. But let’s just not stop here. Laughing is also known to boost the flow of blood throughout the body. This is very important since blood carries oxygen to various parts. Without receiving proper oxygen, the various body systems won’t function properly. By laughing one can also reduce the level of stress producing hormones in the body. Laughter will also increase the antibodies that help fight infection. People suffering from high levels of blood sugar especially benefit from the laughter therapy. A good dose of laughter, either from watching comedy shows or by reading jokes, is known to bring down the level of sugar in the body. Some researches also claim that laughter combined with spending quality time with friends and family, or doing an activity that one particularly enjoys, will also help lead a better and healthier life. But since when have needed an incentive to laugh?


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