Psychology And Health Medicine Alternative


Psychology And Health Medicine Alternative  

Doctors practicing modern medicine find it difficult to believe that a large number of well- educated people are opting for alternative medicine for treatment. Studies are being done and data is being collected to find out the reason for this shift. 


For doctors of conventional medicines, alternative therapies are no less than quackery. They do not believe in the healing powers of these treatments because they haven’t yet found any evidence that proves their benefitting powers. Any medicine that is claimed to heal disease or diseases should first establish how it works and how effective it is. Doctors think that people practicing alternative therapy tend to work on the psychology of people. Any person educated or not, if told that a certain treatment has effectively cured others, will be gullible enough to fall into that trap. He or she will not question the way the medicine works to bring about the process of healing. And if miraculously the therapy is able to provide a cure, the patient will naively start believing in its therapeutic powers. People all come from various background and culture. Sometimes it is the deep rooted belief in one’s own culture that makes them turn to practices that haven’t been scientifically proven. Culture is a very strong factor in any country. A person’s level of education doesn’t come into play here. How else is one to explain otherwise the growing dependence of highly literate people on unscientific methods of treatment? The factor of low knowledge of workings of medical sciences also plays an important deciding issuw. People are either not educated to the benefits that science has to offer or do not understand it. They do claim to have an understanding of the ways mysticism and spirituality works. With the paradigm shifting to yoga and meditation, how many will confess that they aren’t spiritual or that they do not want a deeper understanding of how the body works? Yet, all these people will show a marginal interest in a new scientific breakthrough. The key word here is belief. We will tend to change our loyalties when we see that conventional remedies aren’t working as promised. And the only other direction to go in is the alternate way.



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