Western Vs Alternative Medicine


Western Vs Alternative Medicine  

Conventional medicine is also sometimes referred to as western medicine in the belief that it is practiced mainly in the west. This form of medicine is in stark contrast to the beliefs around which alternative medicine theory is based.

Doctors practicing western medicine believe that any disease can be studied in isolation to the environment it occurs in. Only the symptoms and cure are related to the treatment of the disease. A person falls sick because the physical body has contracted a disease through virus or through a parasite. So the treatment includes curing the symptoms of the disease. The mental well being of the person has no role to play. Western medicine has a very scientific approach to treating a disease. A doctor will prescribe the medicine depending on the nature of the disease and not on the physical and mental characteristics of the patient.  The medicines used for curing a person are all based on chemical formula. Sometimes these formulas work beautifully, at other times they leave a person disheartened. In case the medicines do not work, they are changed. But the fact remains that a person is consuming more and more chemicals every day that can produce side effects as well. In that case, the doctors will give you more medicines to treat these side effects. So you are back to from where you started.

Alternative therapies look at the over all well being of a person when starting with the treatment. It is important here to understand the functioning of the individual body to fasten up the healing process. This therapy ensures that the mental health of a person is balanced first in order to balance the physical health. A disease is not cured in isolation but by using a holistic approach. A patient’s diet, his family background, work culture, social interactions, are all taken into account before starting with the treatment. Alternative medicine believes that it is necessary to cure the body, just not the disease. Keeping this in mind, the practioners begin their therapy. Thus they help not only in curing the disease but work at the basic level of removing all possibilities of it occurring again. This is done by helping the patients improve the overall quality of their life as well.

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