Hermaphrodite Anatomy


Hermaphrodite Anatomy  

Hermaphrodite is a term which use to refer to organisms that have both male as well as female reproductive organs. The term is also used to describe the members of the human species who have the characteristic physical features. However, the term is recently under dispute and ‘Intersex’ is being used instead.

Ambiguous genitalia is used to describe the presence of male and female sexual organs in a human being. It is characterized by either a small size penis or a large clitoris. It occurs during the sexual development of the fetus in the womb. An imbalance is stuck during the development of the sexual organs that results in the child possessing the sexual anatomy of both male and female. This is mainly due to inept sexual organs that form as a result of atypical set of sex chromosomes. There can be a larger than average sized clitoris or a small penis. Under such circumstances it becomes difficult to describe whether the features are typically male or typically female. Sometimes even the chromosomal patterns aren’t very distinct in people suffering from this condition. An intersexed person will have both the male as well as female gonads present in the reproductive area. However, the physical appearance can either be that of a male or female or even difficult to make out. This kind of true hermaphroditism is very rare in human beings. It can be seen in some species of birds though.

The term is also described a human being who intersexed behaviors, prefer to lead life as either of the two sexes. They undergo sex surgeries depending on the sex they would want to spend the rest of their lives being. They also tend to dress up like them and their social interactions also are based on their preference. There are some people who do not even realize their condition since in outward appearance they are typically male or female.

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