5 Steps To Overcoming Drug Addiction


5 Steps To Overcoming Drug Addiction  

Drug addiction is a menace that is slowly uprooting the society and the next generation. This evil has spread its malicious wings in every walk of life. Youngsters are increasingly becoming prone to its continual use.

The good news is that drug addiction can be overcome if one decides to adopt the following five principles.

  1. Understand the cause of the addiction. Why did you decided to start taking drugs? Is it because you wanted to escape family problems, gel in the hip culture or was it simply because of peer pressure? Once you have identified the problem, confront it to beat it. If family reasons have been responsible, talk to your parents or an elder sibling about it. Take their help to improve the situation for yourself.
  2. Get over the guilt factor. Now that you have faced the problem and family support is assured to you, stop feeling guilty. You did not do any wrong so don’t carry that emotion with you. Learn to forgive if you want to forget. You will feel much lighter emotionally once you let go off negative thoughts and ill feelings.
  3. Look at the future with certainty. Forget the past wounds and battles. Your future need not be shaped on what your past was like. After all, you have the ability to make or break the future. Carve out a nice future plan for yourself, letting go off all the past bitterness. Don’t be afraid to face the future.
  4. Awaken the spiritual healer in you. This is important since it will help you deal with any problems better. You won’t have to resort to drugs to escape your troubles. Once your inner spiritual guide takes over. You will find that dealing with problems comes to you easily.
  5. Learn to be happy. This will not only keep you glowing but will also encourage those around you to feel happy. Only you can create your own happiness. So stop looking at people’s support to make you happy. Do things that give you and others pleasure. Help someone in need. This will give you the happiest feeling knowing that you have been responsible for someone else’ success and joy.


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