Annullment Of Marriage Because Of Drug Addiction


Annullment Of Marriage Because Of Drug Addiction  

While drug addicts require maximum love and care, the truth is that not many of us can bear with the fact that we are living with one. If one is married to a drug addict the law in some states can help the spouse of an addict.  

An annulment is usually applied for when there are misgivings about the validity of the marriage. An annulment would imply that the marriage never happened in the first place.  It is a much faster process than when applying for divorce. A marriage can be declared annulled if unlawful means have been employed to bring about a marriage between two people, or if one of the either parties has deliberately hidden any information like bigamy, underage, or fraud. Different states have different definitions of what constitutes of fraud. In some states like California, concealing a previous drug addiction will NOT warranty an annulment. However, in some others, drug addiction is a valid reason to apply for annulling the marriage. In such a case, the spouse who has hidden the information is held responsible for tainting the marriage. This means that he/she cannot file for an annulment. The spouse who has had the information hidden from can apply for innocent spouse relief. The fact that an annulled marriage is equivalent to no marriage does not mean that a victimized person cannot file for monetary relief. He/she can claim rights over child support, spousal support, property and even the fees required for filing for annulment as well as the expenses of the lawyer. The Catholic Church has no provisions under which the spouse of a drug addict can seek annulment.

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Annullment Of Marriage Because Of Drug Addiction )
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