Drug Addiction And Pregnancy And Law


Drug Addiction And Pregnancy And Law  

Drug addiction is always sad news. However, it becomes sadder when a pregnant woman is found out to be a drug addict. Not only has she caused harm to her body but she has also jeopardized the life of her baby. But the big question is whether a pregnant woman be turned over to the police because she has been using illegal drugs?

Very recently, the Supreme Court gave out orders that a pregnant woman cannot be tested for illegal drugs without her consent. This ruling came in the view of cases where women were tested without their knowledge and on being found positive for drugs, were handed over to the authorities. Once the child was born, the mother was allowed no contact with her baby. The babies were either given to the family or given to foster homes. This was of course being done to protect the child, yet it was considered as violation of civil and human rights. Keeping this in mind the court decided to pass a verdict in favor of the pregnant women. No longer can hospital authorities check an expecting woman for use of drugs, randomly. If these tests are necessary to be carried out, approval by the woman becomes mandatory. This is a favorable ruling considering that a drug addict who is pregnant and is doubly under stress, be put through mental torture by being handed over to the police. Such extreme step is no longer required given the fact that medical treatment along with the support of family and friends can help an addict get rid of her dependence on drugs. Neonatal care can be provided to unborn children in the womb itself to help them fight the ill effects of the drugs. Rehabilitation centers provide drug addict mothers with proper care and treatment even three to six months post pregnancy period.

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Drug Addiction And Pregnancy And Law )
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