Why Do People Fall Into Drug And Gambling Addiction


Why Do People Fall Into Drug And Gambling Addiction  

Drug addition and gambling are the two major evils of the modern world. Every day more and more people fall into their traps. While some start out by seeking relief and escape from problems of life, the others get hooked because of peer pressure or simply for the fun of it.

Many people experiment with drugs at one point or the other. However, not all become addicts; but those that do comprise a very high statistic. In America alone, around 19,000 people die every year from drug abuse. People start out by tentatively experimenting with drugs either to impress the opposite sex or because it helps them find relief and pressure from drug usage. Those who suffer from emotional or physical trauma, also turn to drugs because drugs numb their senses. No one starts out by wanting to become an addict. Yet this happens due to the addictive nature of some of these drugs. Quitting is not easy because of the withdrawal symptoms associated with it. The exact reason why some people get addicted, while others do not, is not known. However, researchers have found that there could be related genes in the chromosomal structure of the addicts that makes them prone to drug abuse.

Like drug addiction, gambling is also an addiction; although, it involves no use of chemicals. However, some people end up becoming compulsive gamblers. Such people experience a thrill and adrenalin kick every time they win. Gambling gives them the feeling of elation and of being invincible. These are the active gamblers who seek the game only for the ecstatic feeling that it provides. They will indulge in cards, sports betting and share markets. On the other hand are the escape gamblers who play because they want to overcome emotional traumas or loneliness. Gambling leaves them with a feeling of numbness. They are found mainly playing games online that do not require much thought, only action.

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Why Do People Fall Into Drug And Gambling Addiction )
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